VJ Henry

Working with Sincere Seekers since 1981
Mind. Body. Beyond.
Life enhancing cross-training
Amazing results in as little as 20 minutes a day


Zen Meditation

Settling Down - Opening Up

Ultimate meditation for clearing and managing the mind.

Simple, direct and workable.


Tai Chi Kung

Going With The Flow

Conscious movement in the Taoist tradition

(non-martial; non-competitive)


Tantra Yoga

The Cosmic Dance

Joyous discoveries of abundant energy and creativity.


Putting It All Together

Highest and Best Life

Daily living with depth, breadth, connection creativity.

My Approach

Each student is unique.

I draw from over 40 years of study, practice and teaching

to co-create an exciting and rewarding daily practice for you

that enriches, empowers and amuses.

Participation is by monthly membership


Members should plan to devote 20 minutes a day to personal practice, which will usually include some silent sitting, some slow, conscious body movement, listening to some music and making some sounds.


Member groups get together live on Zoom at least once a week for about 90 minutes. In addition, members will meet individually with VJ weekly for a 10-20 minute check-in to go over their practice.

"Studying with VJ is like playing with Hotay, the Laughing Buddha."

Raymond Mitchell, MS, LMFC

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About me

I teach the daily practice of

movement, music and meditation, emphasizing

awareness, excellence and ease.