Music and The Way of Drumming

Rhythm is at the heart of life; the pulse, the groove, the time, the tempo. And, of course, rhythm is at the foundation of music. Because of the nature of rhythm building, the beginner is able to enjoy playing with the most experienced of drummers by holding a simple part, while others are playing theirs.

We  listen to and play rhythms characteristic of many times and places, and will learn to intelligently and joyfully participate by clapping, stomping, grunting, toning and fiddling with a variety of percussion instruments. This is far and away the  most exuberantly fun practice for developing concentration, memory, endurance, sharing, listening, leading, following, balancing left and right brain and connecting beyond words with others in the group while simultaneously deeply settling in your own imperturbable center.

“Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”
William Congreve,

1670-1729 English Poet and playwright

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