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Weekly Picks - Musical Meditations


Musical Meditations are play in time. Here's how:

1. Drop dramatically into your dantien, open spaciously your mind/body/heart/soul/spirit.

2. Breathe. Flow. Let go. Pay attention.

3. Engage your capacity to appreciate and your critical intelligence.

4. Disengage your judgment.

5. Notice Rhythm, Timbre, Pitch, Harmony, Melodies and overall effect.

6. Take the music inward, not outward. Drill into your existential audio reality, the connections of the musicians, the flow and dynamics of the tune.

7. Experience diversity in unity.


First listen all the way through, without wandering.

Then use pause, rewind and speed controls for deeper study.

Recommended: at least 8 minutes a day, three days a week.

A new Musical Meditation Sample will be posted every Sunday evening.

Tip: The journey is the goal.

Music Meditation 1

Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, Jean-Luc Ponty

Time: 8:24

Music Meditation 2

For Best Effect, Do In Order

Part 1 - Audio Only

Music Meditation 2
00:00 / 05:42

Part 2 - Same Song, Audio + Video

Music Meditation 3

Don't try to learn how. Just open up to what is possible.